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8 Wedding Comedies | Movie Monday

Weddings are fun. I've started to reach that time in my life where a lot of my friends are getting engaged/married. And I'm super happy about all the tear filled sappy stuff. BUT. What I love more than that, is funny wedding shenanigans. Now I've never been to a wedding where tons funny events take place.… Continue reading 8 Wedding Comedies | Movie Monday

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Makeup Declutter | Nude Lip Products

I struggle with loving nudes because I find most pinks look weird on me. I do love brown lipstick but that perfect nude color tends to allude me. Something about undertones really just make it difficult.  *Indicated this item was received in a subscription box of some kind. Disclosure: Affiliate links used. Bareminerals Gen Nude… Continue reading Makeup Declutter | Nude Lip Products

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Husband Orders My Clothes pt. 2

ANNNDDD we're back. Now that everything has come in, been tried on, and one item returned, here's what happened. My husband is more adventurous with my clothes than I expected. He was also kind enough to provide us with some of his thoughts about the items. Disclosure: Affiliate links used. Target Short Sleeve Drapey Button… Continue reading Husband Orders My Clothes pt. 2


Crazy Rich Asians | Book to Movie Differences

For today’s Movie Monday, I’m going to direct you to my book blog, where I talk about a few differences between the book and the movie versions of Crazy Rich Asians.

I loved the movie, and think it’s wonderful on it’s own. So if you’re not a big reader I still think you’re going to enjoy the movie.

Bookworm Book Club

Spoilers. (duh)

As I mentioned in my review that as I read the book I was making mental notes of how the story might be changed in the theatrical release.

I went to an an early sneak peek screening of this last week and I’m happy to say that I LOVE the movie. I think it’s beautiful and funny and great in it’s own right. I would love this film weather I’d read the book or not.

I was completely cool with all the deviations from the book. They’ll only run into trouble if they decide to make the squeals into movies as well. At which point they’ll have “some spalnin’ to do.” (Please re-read that in Ricky Ricardo’s voice.)

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Makeup Declutter| Eyeshadow: Small Palettes, Sticks, Singles

*Indicates this was received in a subscription sample box of some kind. Palettes: Pacifica Beach Crystals* I think this must have been special for Ipsy because I can't find this exact quad anywhere. Cover Girl Quads It looks like Covergirl has gotten rid of these particular quads...which should indicate how long I've had these. I… Continue reading Makeup Declutter| Eyeshadow: Small Palettes, Sticks, Singles

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I Won’t Go Down with This Ship, I Surrender MoviePass

I really enjoyed these two posts discussing MoviePass and I think you will to, so please go check them out. MovieBabble post Buzzfeed post Don't get me wrong here, I always knew MoviePass (MP) couldn't last. Especially not if a bunch of people were using it the way my husband and I were. I just… Continue reading I Won’t Go Down with This Ship, I Surrender MoviePass

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Weird Things I’m All About

We're all a little quirky about something. Or a lot of things. There are some things in this world that others find utterly ridiculous. Some of those ridiculous things I'm absolutely all about and willing to try or buy or whatever depending on what it is. Here are 3 of them. Disclosure: Affiliate links used.… Continue reading Weird Things I’m All About