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Becoming an Austinite

Welp, today is a big day. It's my husband's first day of work, my first day alone in Austin, and my first day of unemployment. I don't know that I've ever been more excited to not have a job for a little while. I'm in an exciting new city with nothing to do except explore and… Continue reading Becoming an Austinite

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Moving Hacks Pt 1 | 10 Hacks I Used

This is my first big, out of state move. When I moved to Louisiana for college, I just brought 2 suitcases full of clothes and books. After 9 years here, I've accumulated some things. A couple of months ago I saved 3 lists of moving hacks/tips. A lot of the lists I checked out all… Continue reading Moving Hacks Pt 1 | 10 Hacks I Used

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Baton Rouge Greatest Hits | Food

Since I'm saying good bye to Baton Rouge this month, I figured I'd share with you guys some of my favorite places to eat here, as well as my favorite things to get from those places. I tried to categorize them, but they aren't in any particular order beyond that. If you ever find yourself… Continue reading Baton Rouge Greatest Hits | Food

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We’re Moving!

I know I've mentioned in passing that my husband and I were planning to move sometime this year. Well...the time is now! We're moving to Austin, Texas! I'm super excited. As a heads up, my posting may be irregular between now and the move due to my running around like a chicken with it's head… Continue reading We’re Moving!

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Makeup Declutter| Berry/Wine Lip Products

This is our last declutter post friends. I may do one more just to go over the probation items, but for now I'm going to get back to focusing on the makeup I kept and love. You'll find that Berry and Wine shades are my favorite. I have an abundance of them. And I don't… Continue reading Makeup Declutter| Berry/Wine Lip Products

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Solving Problems I Didn’t Know I Had

We've all been presented with something that claims to make your life SO MUCH EASIER. It's usually a vegetable chopper, or an organizer of some kind, or a small robot who will take over your home. When presented with such opportunity I try to evaluate if doing whatever task is really a struggle. Can I… Continue reading Solving Problems I Didn’t Know I Had

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Makeup Declutter| Bold Lip Products

If you haven't noticed lipstick is probably my favorite makeup product. And I think that stems from a time when I was intimidated by makeup. Because I also knew I couldn't put lipstick on wrong.  *Indicated item was received in subscription box of some kind. Keep Maybelline in Blackest Berry These Maybelline lipsticks are some… Continue reading Makeup Declutter| Bold Lip Products